Uplifting, emotional and soulful, first-class vocalist Miriam Sandler tells a story of revelation, growth and meaning through her heartfelt lyrics and moving melodies.

Miriam spent seven years touring with pop artist Jon Secada and performing with megastars like Gloria Estefan and Michael McDonald. Aside from being a polished performer on stage, Miriam feels right at home in the studio and has recorded with superstars like Julio Iglesias and James Brown.

Miriam’s personal expression through her own music was inspired by a relentless search for Truth, and a life-changing decision to pursue a life of values, holiness, and spirituality.

Miriam has toured the New York metropolitan area, Chicago, and Florida, bringing her story and music to those seeking inspiration. She is currently promoting her newly released debut CD entitled “The Solution” and dazzling women of all ages with her contemporary style and unforgettable voice.

Through her mezmerizing performance, dramatically weaving monologue and song, Miriam shares her personal tale of evolution from a lifestyle of glamour and fame to one of graciousness, giving and depth.

The Solution