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Finally Found You

Let me have a little time with you.
Won’t you let me come a little closer, L-rd?
‘Cause I, I need you light in my life.
Left all the darkness, all that was wrong.
You made me so strong.
You brought me here today (what can I say?).
(I) looked all around at the negativity…
People are lyin’, people are cheating.
All this because we’re desperately searching
And we didn’t realize You were right here all along.
You’ve been right here all along.
Finally found You as I open up Your book and pray…
That You’ll keep me safe,
That You’ll show me all Your ways.
Finally found You as I open up Your book and pray…
That I’ll never go astray.
Traveled the world livin’ like a queen.
Goin’ to parties (singin’ and dancin’),
Glamorous life for fools but feelin’ sadness.
I just close my eyes, let it drift away.
Feels so good, let me stay
Feels so safe, next to You.
Oh, my L-rd, I want You to know
That I’ll never turn around
‘Cause You give me all I need;
Only You give me all I need.

That’s When You’ll Find His Love

This can’t go on, you can’t pretend anymore.
You’re looking so unhappy,
‘Cause all the plans and dreams that you had,
They weren’t meant to be.
Life isn’t fair.
What kind of G-d could He be to allow this tragedy?
Although it hurts, it’s the only way we learn.
And we’re forced to contemplate:
What did I gain? Foolish decisions made.
Won’t you change your silly ways
And the next time you’ll refrain.
That’s when you’ll find His love,
When your heart can barely stand the pain.
G-d has to make us cry.
That’s when you’ll find His love.
The pain subsides;
We finally humble ourselves and reevaluate.
The only way we can learn from our mistakes
Is when arrogance is gone.
Then you’ll return to our Holy Father in heaven
Who only disciplines for growth
When His children miss the mark.
Look for His love, find His love.
All you have to do is see it.
Look inside your heart and feel it.
He gives us what we need
To make us really strong.

Look Like a Queen

Let us begin with self-respect
Are you afraid that you’ll be rejected?
The way that you look is really not who you are
Cover yourself and meet the real you.
You’ll open your heart,
You’ll open your mind and everyone will see with time
You’ll look like a queen
A sight that’s unseen without your crown and robe
Don’t you want to look like a queen?
You don’t realize what’s beneath the surface
We’re all so consumed with external stresses
Oh girl, can’t you see that your soul wants to be free?
Cover yourself and see what that will do.
You will meet your king when you look like a queen.
He’ll love only you. Then you will know in your heart you’re zivugim (soulmates)

The Salution

Here’s the story, here’s my message: Money’s on your mind what you gonna buy to fill you up inside?
On automatic drive tryin’ to survive. In the end you’ll loose your closest friends. Funny how the truth bends.
Brothers and sisters, searchin’ for the answers. Open your heart and see that now’s the time to…
Comin’ back from where you came will set you free. Time for tshuva ( repentance ).
Take away the darkness give you clarity. Sister, won’t you hold my hand and sing with me,
G-d is the Solution!
Tryin’ to disconnect from chaos, understand that everyone I see is a reflection of me.
Brothers and sisters, learn to sing His Song. Take a piece of Eternity fulfill your every need.
One day He’ll come at last, the One Who’ll help us erase the past.
We’ll meet the Messiah to take us higher to the Creator, to the Sustainer, to the One and Only G-d.
G-d is the Solution Won’t you sing it with me.

Aish V’ Aish

Here’s the scene, hope you don’t know what I mean.
A woman and her husband need to go on a romantic retreat.
There’s no communication and angry words are flyin’ ’round.
There’s no appreciation; the children know what’s goin’ down.
Chesed (kindness) starts at home, gotta take responsibility
Shalom Bayis (a peaceful home) is the number one priority.
(chorus) Shne Emar Ish V’ Isha Zachoo Shechinah B’nayhem Lo Zachoo Aish ochaltan
She Hakadosh Baruchoo M’salek Shmo M’ bnayhem Vnimtzeoo Aish V’ Aish
(Translation)And it is said,
Man and Woman merit the Divine Presence between them, if they don’t merit, Fire consumes them.
The Holy One removes His Name from between them, all that’s left is Fire and Fire.
Listen girl, what’s it mean to do good deeds?
Take a look at your zivug (soulmate). Are you giving him what he really needs?
You wanna do a little tshuva (repentance), you wanna make a real change
so take it to your Rebbi. I hope you know it’s never too late.
Chesed (kindness) starts at home. Gotta use alittle honesty.
Shalom bayis (peaceful home) is the perfect opportunity.
Chesed starts at home. If you want your kids to love Hashem
shalom bayis is the only way to show them. You gotta show them.
Fire and Fire. Hashem removes His Name from between them
and then all that’s left is fire and fire and fire.


I know that it doesn’t make sense. I’ve been running in circles, didn’t know what life meant.
I knew when I’d find Truth I’d know in my heart but I didn’t know just how it would start.
Thought It was just a story but then I learned It’s timeless.
All the answers that I need are hidden There and the more I search I see with such brilliant clarity.
oh Heaven please, make this moment endless.
The words that I read are Divine. Every letter is special and I don’t know why but I need to get closer.
I need to know how we can change this whole world right now.
I used to tell myself it can’t be true. I’ll only believe if I see the proof.
Everything is changing now. I realize illusions deceived me and made me blind.
Thought they were only stories but they are truly timeless
All the answers that I need to find eternity and every night I pray for salvation and peace.

Ay Yerushalim

L’shanah Haba B’ Yerushalayim Habnuya
(Next year in Jerusalem, It shall be rebuilt)

Fuego y Fuego

Es muy triste, sin embargo una realidad. Una mujer y su pareja necesitan otra oportunidad.
No estan comunicandose, palabras feas se dicen. No se estan apreciando. Sus hijos lloran cada noche.
Bondad en tu hogar, va a ser mi responsabilidad, shalom bayis va a ser la primera prioridad.
Shne Emar Ish V’ Isha Zachoo Shechinah B’nayhem, Lo Zachoo Aish ochaltan.
She Hakadosh Baruchoo M’salek Shmo M’ bnayhem, Vnimtzeoo Aish V’ Aish.
( traduccion ) And it is said,
Man and Woman merit the Divine Presence between them, if they don’t merit, Fire consumes them.
The Holy One removes His Name from between them, all that’s left is Fire and Fire.

Oiganme, de que sirve hacer tantos mitzvos. Considera a tu zivug , dale todo lo que necesita.
Quiere hacer un poco tshuva , quiere hacer un cambio real. Busca a tu rabino y no esperes un dia mas.
Bondad en tu hogar. Vamos a parar el egoismo. Averigua lo que quiere to esposo.
Bondad en tu hogar. Si quieres darla a tus hijos educacion,
shalom bayis tienes que hacer tu preocupacion, tu primera preocupacion.
Fuego y fuego, Hashem borra su Nombre por entre ellos y al fin lo que hay es fuego y fuego.

English Translation:

It’s very sad, none the less, a reality. A woman and her pair need another opportunity.
They’re not communicating, they’re saying ugly word to each other.
They’re not appreciating each other. Their children cry every night.
Kindness in your home, it will be my responsibility. Peace in our home will be my first priority.
And it is said,
Man and Woman merit the Divine Presence between them, if they don’t merit, Fire consumes them.
The Holy One removes His Name from between them, all that’s left is Fire and Fire.
Listen to me. What’s the use of doing lots of good deeds? Consider you soulmate. Give him all he needs.
You want to repent a little, you want to make a real change. Look for your rebbi. Don’t wait one more day.
Kindness in your home. Let’s top the egotism. Find out what your husband wants.
Kindness in your home.
If you want to give your children an education, peace in your home has to be your preoccupation.
Fire and Fire. G-d erases His Name from between them
and in the end all that’s left is fire and fire.

La Solucion

Escucha esto, es mi mensaje:
Consumido con dinero, que vas a comprar para llenar tu interior?
Y manejando en automatico, sin pensarlo, pierdes tu mejor amistad. Las mentiras son realidad.
Oiganme amigas, si buscan la direccion de paz, abran sus ojos, miren. Con el tiempo van a ver.
Has t’shuva (arrepentimiento), Regresando vas a ver con claridad,
has t’shuva, regresando sale de la oscuridad,
has t’shuva, cojeme la mano, vamos a cantar, Dios es la Solucion!
Desconectate de la lucha,
entendiendo que en todo hay razon, cada cara mi reflexion.
Oiganme amigas, si en su vida quieren mas, abran el Libro Divino. Con ayuda van a ver.
Un dia muy pronto, cuando todos nos arrepentamos, conoceremos el Mesias.
Nos va a llevar a El Creador, a El Sustenador, a El Unico Dios.
Dios es la Solucion! Cantalo conmigo.
English Translation:
Listen to this, it’s my message:
(You’re) consumed with money. What you gonna buy to fill you up inside?
And driving on automatic, without thinking you lose your best friend. The lies become truth.
Listen, friends. If you’re looking for the direction of peace, open your eyes, look, with time you will see.
(repent) Returning you will see with clarity, (repent) Returning you’ll come out of the darkness,
(repent) Take my hand, sing with me, G-d is the Solution!
Disconnect from the struggle. Understand there’s a reason for everything,
(in) every face (I see) my reflection.
Listen friends, if you want more out of life, open the Divine Book. With help you will see.
One day soon, when we all repent, we’ll meet the Messiah.
He’ll take us to The Creator, to The Sustainer, to The One G-d, My G-d.
G-d is the Solution! Won’t you sing it with me?

Thank You

You give me life, every day I see all the miracles that You give to me.
Open my eyes to the morning sun and I breath in Your air into my lungs.
I can walk, I can eat, You give me a voice to sing and I sing to You, yes I do, only You.
Modeh Ani L’ fonecha Melech Chai V’kayom ( I gratefully thank You, Living and Eternal King ) I thank You,
Shehechezarta Bi Nishmasi Bechemla Raba Emunasecha
(You returned my soul within me, with compassion. Abundant is Your faithfulness) I thank You.
My body is a temple and I have a responsibility to purify and elevate it.
Every day that goes by I have a choice.
The decision is mine. I know in my heart what to do and I pray to You, yes I do, only You.
Don’t wanna hear your excuse, Just put yourself to good use. Don’t forget your gratitude,
Cuz hey sister, every day’s a precious gift, Stop and say thank You.

The Solution