I’m very excited to be organizing a benefit concert.
Aviv is a new support group for Jewish women of Passaic Clifton diagnosed with advanced stage cancer and their families. They offer a support group for the women, their husbands and we are about to start an art therapy group to address the needs of their children.
Cancer is a disease that touches many people. Today, almost everyone knows someone who has been diagnosed with cancer. Cancer affects not just the individual with the diagnosis, but the entire family and the community. Mothers undergoing chemotherapy are unable to manage their households and their husbands must do “double duty” as both the provider and the caregiver. One can well imagine the strain this can put on a family.
As a community, we have the opportunity to help these women and their families. On Wednesday June 16, 2010 an evening of music and laughter to benefit the women who are part of Aviv will be presented. “ Kol B’ramah nishmah- A Voice on High is heard” under the auspices of Bikor Cholim of Passaic/Clifton. Ladies will have the pleasure of listening to Aliza Dubin, Andrea Eller and myself, Miriam Sandler, with divrei chizuck being given by Rebbetzins Bayla Stern and Chana Frumet Stern. All proceeds will be used to provide respite care and support for women of Aviv. The doors will open at 7:45 p.m. and the concert will begin at 8:15 p.m. The concert will be held at Bais Shalom Hall, 733 Passaic Avenue, Clifton, NJ. Suggested donation is $18 for women and $12 for students. For more information about the concert and sponsorship opportunities, call 201-213-1426. For more information about AVIV support group, call 973-591-1711.

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