I’m honored to announce my most recent video presentation was filmed a couple weeks ago and will, G-d willing, be shown in over 100 cities throughout the world. It was produced by a Jewish Women’s organization, Bnos Melochim, that concentrates on inspiring women to behave and present themselves modestly. This is a topic that is dear to me as it’s enabled me to deeply transformed as a person and I feel that all women need constant reminders to stay “on track”.
In a world where everything that’s external is worshipped and women are constantly objectified, I’m blessed to report I’ve found true satisfaction in my role as an orthodox woman. This was only accomplished by the life changing mitzvah (commandment) of TZNIUS.
Tznius is usually defined as “modesty” but I must add, it is a real awakening and connection with your internal/spiritual self and the Divine. Through tznius I was able to access my neshama (my soul) and begin my relationship with The Almighty. Without tznius, I was unable to tap into the holiness within.
We all have a spark of holiness within, a gift from The Creator, which enables us to have a connection with G-d. He is waiting for us all to turn to Him and see His Hand in our lives; to speak to Him; to serve Him. This is truly the only way to have a fulfilling, joyous life. A peaceful life that cannot be ROCKED with the slightest wind that blows us over or wave that crashes. As we understand G-d is holding our hand, we begin to trust Him and feel His profound presence around us. However, this can only be felt if we “walk modestly with Hashem(G-d)”; If we internalize “the glory of a princess is inward”; and “adorn ourselves with strength and majesty”. If we humble ourselves and know “I’m more than what you see”, we can perceive the depth that life has to offer.
May we turn away from the influences that prevail and search for guidance from Above. He is our Father who knows what’s best for us, more than we do. As a child trusts his parent and feels safe in his arms, may we also find that trust in The Holy One, Blessed be He.
Stay tuned for the Bnos Melachim event in your community scheduled for May 17th. I will be sharing my personal story about leaving my past behind as a professional singer and transforming my life to serve our KING.

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