I’ve received numerous calls from women thanking me for helping them get through that “witching hour” of dinner, homework and bedtime with my music! Let’s face it, ladies, it’s called MUSIC THERAPY! And I’m happy to help. With passover right around the corner and countless hours of cleaning I thought it would be a perfect time to offer my CD for only $14.99. For those of you who haven’t gone to one of my concerts or heard the music before, here’s you chance to boogie down while cleaning for passover. The tunes are guaranteed to inspire and put a hop in your step. While your cleaning your house and searching every nook and cranny for crumbs, the music will also remind us that every day’s another opportunity to clean up our lives, our relationships, redirect us to our purpose. Passover ALWAYS takes me back to the days when I was enslaved and with every Passover seder, I celebrate FREEDOM!! Freedom from what society expects of me, free from the pressure to follow others, free from my own insecurities! Passover is a time when I rededicate myself to serving MY FATHER better than before, when I strengthen my relationship with Him and others by becoming more patient, more humble and eventually more peaceful. Through music I glorify The One who gave me this gift and now I share it with you… Enjoy!

The Solution