Beach Many moons ago, I spent quite a bit of time jumping from airplane to limo, from tour bus to rehearsals, from sound check to down beat. I lived an extremely fast paced life singing background vocals and performing with numerous pop stars. My passport book was full of interesting stamps from all over the planet which I’d review and reminisce over. The one thing I consistently found was that my experiences all left me empty! I longed for depth and direction… I was struggling with my purpose. What is it all about? Am I just going to get up on stage every night and sing those meaningless love song again? What kind of a personal life am I going to have? Marriage? Family? Stability? Commitment? These are all things women crave and I was certain I would never attain them if I continued touring.

As I searched and searched, learning very painfully from life situations, I was determined to make a change and leave it all behind. I thank G-d for the opportunities I’ve had because I can look back with complete peace and say “good bye”.

I sing now about my gratitude, my self image, my journey toward Eternity, internal beauty and fostering a deep spiritual relationship. I understand that life is a gift that I used to take for granted. I choose to inspire women now and bring them closer to self discovery, empower them to make changes they know would be better for them and use the gift of voice and songwriting to touch people’s souls.

I entitled this first post “Dreams Come True” because I never thought this day would actually come… the CD finished, the website’s live and FANS ARE PURCHASING CD’S ONLINE!!!!! My CD release concert was a huge success with everything from sushi to dancers to shopping and a packed house!! What else could I ask for? Our sages tell us a person is led where they want to go… if a person wants to do a good deed, doors will open allowing him to do it and the opposite is also true. If a person wants to sin, other doors will open leading him in that direction. I realized I couldn’t give up singing, performing or writing because of the overwhelming response I would get from women of all ages. I regularly have fans crying and getting very emotional at my shows. I also had to be honest with myself and come to terms with the fact that I am an artist, a singer and performer. I NEEDED to share that part of myself in a positive and respectful way, a Holy way. So I started moving in that direction and the doors opened slowly. I had to find my soul mate, let the dough rise and labor at home, keeping me very busy, but with determination, with inspiration, with all the ‘angels’ who were sent to help me complete my mission, I’m elated to share with you “The Solution”.

The Solution