An acquaintance who heard my CD approached me one day with wide eyes explaining how, after all these years of knowing me, she never knew I could sing or that I was a songwriter. She was deeply moved by my decision to perform exclusively for women and proceeded to tell me what a sacrifice it is to “save” my talent as I do now for appropriate venues. I very franking told her what I say at most of my concerts- IT’S NOT A SACRIFICE. I don’t feel like I gave up anything, rather I gained more than I could ever describe. Singing for a mixed audience is a totally different experience from what I have now on stage. Now I feel privileged to perform meaningful songs with deep messages and touch the audience on a soul level. Now my performances are holy and honest. Now I feel like a Queen whose beauty shines from the inside out. Now I know I’m blessed because I’m doing what I was intended to do with my musical gifts and am respected my women and men alike, more than I would ever be in my “past life”. I look back on my career with gratitude for having been chosen to develop my talents but I walk away with peace because what I have now is endlessly more valuable than what I had before. Before I had superficial, deceitful relationships. Now I have depth and trust. Before I felt attractive but only for the external beauty I had to offer. Now my beauty is far more powerful as it comes from within and fuels my external appearance. Before I lived a facade that shimmered with lies and egos. Now my clarity reveals the truth and I’m unaffected by the glaamour! Now I connect with women and inspire them to grow and change for the good as they know they should. Now I feel safe, protected and at peace knowing that all that happens is for the good and has been orchestrated by The Creator. So, when I’m told by fans that it’s such a sacrifice to “give up” my career to start a family and perform exclusively for women, I very calmly answer, it was no sacrifice. It was like giving up a grain of sand for all the beaches in the world.

The Solution