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Bnos Melachim Update

I’m honored to announce my most recent video presentation was filmed a couple weeks ago and will, G-d willing, be shown in over 100 cities throughout the world. It was produced by a Jewish Women’s organization, Bnos Melochim, that concentrates on inspiring women to...

Boogie down while Passover cleaning!

I've received numerous calls from women thanking me for helping them get through that "witching hour" of dinner, homework and bedtime with my music! Let's face it, ladies, it's called MUSIC THERAPY! And I'm happy to help. With passover right around the corner and...

Dreams Do Come True

Many moons ago, I spent quite a bit of time jumping from airplane to limo, from tour bus to rehearsals, from sound check to down beat. I lived an extremely fast paced life singing background vocals and performing with numerous pop stars. My passport book was full of...

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